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Salenium Training with JAVA

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Selenium with JAVA

Course Details

Selenium training program designed to help you master in WebDriver, Selenium Grid, XPath, DOM, TestNG, POM, AutoIt, Maven and Jenkins. Selenium is an open source testing tool used mainly for web application testing.

Who can learn?

Selenium Functional Automation Testing Using Selenium Introduction to Automation Testing Identifying Automation Scenarios Creating Automation environment set

Courses Outline

  • JAVA

    • Java Programming Basics

    • Object Oriented Programming in Java

    • Exception Handling

    • Automating Excel file Operations

    • Automating Text File Operations

    • Automating Database Operations

  • Selenium

    • Introduction

    • Selenium IDE

    • WebDriver Introduction

    • Launching AUT and Inspecting properties of Elements

    • Automating Operations on various Elements

    • Automating Keyboard and Mouse Events

    • Handling multiple Windows

    • Handling Alerts

    • Handling Frames

    • Handling Ajax Components

    • Creating Customize XPath/CSS Selectors

    • Synchronization

    • What is TestNG?

    • Automation Test Frameworks

    • Page Object Model (POM) & Page Factory in Selenium

    • Database Testing using Selenium

    • AutoIT

    • Selenium GRID

    • Maven & Jenkins

    • GIT

    • LOG4J

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