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Clinical SAS Program (Base & Advance)

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Clinical SAS Program (Base & Advance)

Course Details

This course designed to use basics methods to handle and process clinical trial data. This program gains confident to graduate to get start with SAS Programming fundamental and for get involved in clinical research & development work with programming skills.

Who can learn?

Candidates are preferred from:

  • Life sciences (M.Pharm., B.Pharm., M.Sc.)
  • Statistics (B.Sc., M.Sc.)
  • BE /BTech (Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Computer Science)

Courses Outline:

  • Clinical SAS Programming
    • SAS programming tools & process.
    • Understanding SAS syntax.
    • Understanding SAS data & libraries.
    • Importing external data into SAS.
    • Data Manipulation Techniques.
    • Combining and merging data sets.
    • Enhancing reports with titles, footnotes, and labels
    • Creating frequency reports
    • Creating summary statistics reports
    • Exporting data & reports
  • SAS SQL Programming
    • PROC SQL features
    • Basics Proc SQL Programming
    • Joins and it’s Set operation
    • Data Manipulation with PROC SQL
  • SAS Macro Language
    • Introduction to SAS Macro Language
    • Introduction to Macro Variable
    • Macro Functions
    • Macro Definition
    • Macro Interface with DATA Step and PROC SQL
    • Macro Level Programming
  • Clinical SAS Programming Internship
    • Clinical Data Analysis & Reporting
    • Create Analytical Data set
    • Validation of Analytical data set
  • Understanding of Statistical Analysis Plan
    • Generate Demography, Safety and Efficacy Tables & Listing
    • Performing Program validation
    • Clinical Study Report – an overview
  • CDISC Database Programming
    • CDISC Standards – an introduction
    • Understanding of SDTM Implementation Guide
    • SDTM Mapping Specification
    • Create & Validation of data for CDISC Compliance using (PROC CDISC and OpenCDISC)
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